This page should answer many of you common questions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have.
Do alot of kids still twirl?  I don't see majorettes in front of bands anymore.
There aren't alot of bands in our area that use majorettes any more.  Due to a lack of twirling teachers many bands had no one to train the twirlers so they went to more color guard  members.  However, when you look at the larger college bands you will see not only a majorette line but feature twirlers who are some of the most trained twirlers in the country, mmany of whom are attending college on scholarships.  So yes, there are many kids twirling throughout the country and due to a lack of instructors this is why Tennessee Twirl Sport is so excited to help grow our state back to it's glory days of fantastic baton twirlers.

How long do the twirling classes last during the year?
Tennessee Twirl Sport offers instruction year round.  For students enrolled in group classes, they are scheduled to end with the school year of your local school district.  At that time students may choose private instruction, summer camp, or any number of other fun individual activities or programs to participate in until classes start again in the fall.

I want to enroll my child in the New Beginner course.  What will they learn and how long does it last?
The New Beginner program is just that; a six week course to teach those who have never twirled the very basics so they may find out if they want to learn more intricate tricks and routines.Students will learn abosolute encessary basics such as marching in time to music, body positions, and basic twirls.  They will learn the Twirl Sport Parade Routine which is the routine all students do when they perform in hometown parades.  At the end of this program all students will be tested and awarded a certificate of program completion from the director.

I see the New Beginner Program is free.  Are there any other costs for new students?
Yes the class is totally free for the entire six week period.  We do however have a one time forty dollar registration fee for  all new students.  This covers the cost of their properly balanced baton; cost of liability insurance for the year; and weekly bulletins and class awards that are given out throughout the year.

How do I measure for a baton?
Have your child stand up straight with the left arm down to their side.  Stretch the right arm out to the side, even with their shoulder, hand flat, fingers stretched also.  Using a yard stick or tape measure, measure from the arm pit to the tip of the middle finger.  Add one inch to this measurement and that is the baton size you need.  (i.e. If the arm measurement is 22", then you need to order a 23" baton.)  If you have problems the teacher at your first class will be happy to assist with the measurement.

As a parent I would like to be involved in the program with my child.  What parts can parents do to help out?
Like any sucessful program Tennessee Twirl Sport is fueled by volunteer assistance.  From checking in students each week so the coach can start the calss on time, to assisting new parents with their questions, to helping plan events such as Twirl days and parade line ups.  Parent volunteers are invaluable.  Just jump in and help out.

Are photographs and/or video taping allowed at Tennessee Twirl Sport events?
Absolutely.  This is a great time in your childs life and of course you want to document it.  Video taping during class is one way to help your child practice at home.  They can review instruction and practice it in addition to the instructions that are given in class.  There are some limitations to remember.  No flash photography.  It sometimes reflects off batons or other items and can cause students to lose concentration or not be able to see their batons as in a toss, etc.  Also, make sure you are photographing/taping your own child or group.  NOTE:  This applies to our events and competitions only.  When attending open events or contests, make sure to read the rules of that event.  Some events do not allow photography at all and it could pose a problem.

What community activities or events do the kids participate in?
All of our activites are voluntary.  For those who choose to they can participate in any number of hometown parades throughout the year, Twirl Days, pageants, or even competitions outside our area.  We will always be open to performing at any event that supports communities as long as it is a safe and wholesome environment for the kids to attend.

What type of uniforms do the twirlers wear?
That depends on what your child chooses to participate in.  For our group performances such as parades we will wear the Twirl Sport warm-up.  (For years most twirlers wore the traditional one piece bathing suit type costume but with such cold weather during the winter time it just isn't practical.)  For kdis that participate in Twirl Days or contests they may choose to buy or make their own costume.  There are many different places that sell premade twirling outfits, but new students and families often find this yet another bonding opportunity to make their own with mom and dad.  A simple one piece leotard with some fabric store trim or sequins makes a perfect one-of-a-kind costume.

I don't want my daughter in a pageant or event where she is covered in make-up, fake eye lashes, etc.  How do we avoid this?
No worries.  Tennessee Twirl Sport does not hold events where theykids are dressed up as in many "glitz" pageants.  Actually, the child will not even be allowed to perform if she is wearing fake ey lashes, wigs, flipper (fake teeth), etc.  W want the kids to be themselves and have fun.  Only a small amount of make-up is acceptable for them.  Twirling is a fun experience for them to be themselves, not for them to be someone they aren't naturally.

My child is very excited and wants to learn more material faster.  Are private classes offered? 
Private classes are offered.  However for New Beginners and Novice students we suggest they only attend the group classes and not miss a class.  By practicing at home what they learned in class, they will be kept very busy and advnace just fine.  If a student is preparing for an audition or a big competition you may ask one of our coaches to make arrangements directly with them.  (To prevent conflicts and problems with routine construction, we do not allow students to take private baton twirling class from coaches outside the Tennessee Twirl Sport program.)  From time to time we do bring in specialty instructors and nationally ranked twirlers and/or champions to do special clinics or workshops.  These are approved instructional opportunities and great for learning even more material.

What is a Twirl Day?
Twirl Days are one of the most fun times your child will have to start off in baton twirling.  They are for Tennessee Twirl Sport students only, unlike an "open" contest where anyone may enter from any organization.  This is a day long Saturday event where students begin the day with two moring  instructional periods where they brush up on their routines and learn new tricks  and material.  After a lunch break the competition begins.  Students will perform their various  routines during the Rating Festival in front of a judge for an individual rating  and critique/score sheet to earn trophies, medals, and ribbons.   After the Rating Festival twirlers will then compete in various groups for larger awards, trophies, titles and college scholarships.  There are various divisions and ability levels giving all twirlers an equal chance to win in the various events.  You will find this is a great family day to bring parents, grandparents, and friends to hang out and make a fun time of it.  Spectators are welcomed as there are never admission fees to come and enjoy the show.

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Measure from armpit to the tip of center finger.
Add one full inch to the measurement you get.  That is the baton size you need.