Tennessee Twirl Sport, Inc. offers instruction in baton twirling. strutting, dance twirl, and modeling to students age 5 and up in the Middle Tennessee area.

Baton twirling has long been recognized as a majorette marching in front of a high school or college marching band strutting her stuff.  But in recent years twirling has advanced to so much more.  Today's twirlers are extraordinary athletes performing precise dance, gymnastic, acrobatic, expressionistic moves in perfect synchronized timing with the tossing, rolling and manuevering of the baton.  It is actually three sports in one.

Tennessee Twirl Sport provides students the opportunity to experience this sport for the first time. Whether a child chooses to simply learn the basic twirls so he/she  may participate in local parades or shows, or work to advance to the higher levels of competitive twirling, we are here to help each student achieve their own personal goals.

Tennessee Twirl Sport follows guidelines and rules of the National Baton Twirling Association so students may compete against twirlers from across the nation on an equal plane to gain friendships and further their studies.  However, students are encouraged to enter competitions held by other organizations such as the United States Twirling Association, Twirling Unlimited, or any other competitive organization they may choose.  We want students to be well rounded in both their competitive spirit and social interaction so they will become not only great twirlers but outstanding citizens.

Students are encouraged to set individual goals and work hard to achieve them.  Weekly class plans are followed to keep an even paced instructional program, yet push students to their full potential.  Class contests are held to keep competitive spirit high.  Parade and other public performances are made available for studetns to gain self confidence and earn awards of achievement as well as college scholarships.

Tennessee Twirl Sport beleives that students should be exposed to a positive and wholesome learning environment where young people are given the opportunity and encouragement to grow and become not only physically fit children but better students in school and eventually upstanding and positive community members and leaders.

All activities of Tennessee Twirl Sport are voluntary.  Though encouraged to do so, students are never required to march in any parade or compete in any competitions they choose not to.